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Have you ever said to yourself...
  • I'm not experienced enough to teach
  • I don't know enough people who would support me
  • I'm not technically savvy enough to host an event online
  • I don't have a big enough audience for something like this
Yes? Well, I'm here to shift that mindset and tell you...
  • If you learned it, you can teach it!
  • There are people out there ready to see you flourish!
  • You don't have to be an IT expert to host a virtual summit!
  • A virtual summit will help your audience grow!

I have compiled all of the things I've learned first hand about planning and hosting virtual summits into an easy-to-execute plan to help your summit be a SUCCESS!


You're probably wondering "What makes her qualified to teach this?"...Let me introduce myself:

Hi! I'm Saidah Murphy and I'm the founder/CEO of SM Media Enterprise | The Creatress Universe.

In 2019, I hosted my first virtual summit for my company. I planned the first annual Creatress Summit in 3 months and was able to curate 3 speakers, had about 60 people register, and only about 10 people show up to the live event.

I could have given up right then, and decided that virtual summits just weren't for me, but I came back in 2020 swinging.

This year- after 8 months of planning- I secured over 30 speakers, had over 500 people registered, locked in 3 sponsors, and hosted a 5-day event with very minimal technical issues- all with just a 1-woman team- ME.

Although I only have 2 summits under my belt, the amount of growth between the two has taught me so much and has helped me hone my skills and expertise to not only expand in the future but to be able to teach you how to do it as well.

There are three different purchase options:

Pay in Full
Payment Plan

Make a one-time payment and get access to all of the course offerings mentioned above.

The Payment Plan option gets you access to all of the course offerings mentioned above but is a little easier on your pockets.

Total: $297
Two payments of $167


The VIP Plan gets you access to all of the course offerings, plus 3 1-on-1 coaching calls (45 minutes each) with me as you plan your Virtual Summit. During these calls, I will help you flesh out your ideas, define your ideal target audience, work through marketing strategies, and help with technical questions.

The course plus coaching sessions value at $2500